Pet Owners and Pet Lovers Rejoice as a New Day in Pet Care has arrived with Logly

Discover Logly  for pet owners and pet lovers. Upto 5 Socially Connected pet profiles for all your furry, scaly and feathery friends with ease, with a host of features designed for easy of care for your beloved family members

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Discover Our Features

At Logly we believe that providing comprehensive solutions for pet owners and pet lovers shouldn't break the bank. Take a look at these great features, all designed with your pets best interest in mind to ensure the well-being and happiness of all pets that we have been entrusted to give great love and care for.

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Logly App Features for Pet Owners & Pet Lovers

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Up to 5 Free Socially Connected Pet Profiles

All your pets information in one place.  Pictures, videos, health records all in the palm of your hand 

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Lost Pet Amber Alert System

The world's first peer to peer lost pet alert system.  Press the Lost button on your pet's profile and other an urgent Notification is sent to other Logly members in your area to help get your pet back home fast and safe.

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Profile Transfer

If you buy/sell or give your pet away, then you can easily transfer your pet's profile to the new owner to ensure continued great care.

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Magic Document Transfer

Pet service providers and send health records, pictures and videos directly to your pets Logly Profile.

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Team Logly

Teach pet care responibility with Logly, add family member, assign duties and they will get reminders to complete their duties

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Soon you will be able to connect, chat and schedule appts with local pet care businesses right from the Logly app

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Appointment Reminders

Add your pets appointments to your pets profile and Logly will send you reminders, free your mind for other things.

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Learn & Share

We are building an extensive free E-course library, where you can learn topics to enable new or experienced pet owners give better care to their pets.

Pet Care Management Solutions

Our comprehensive pet care app offers easy-to-use management solutions for pet owners, businesses, and nonprofits. Streamline your pet care tasks, organize appointments, access medical records, and more all in one convenient platform.

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