Logly Stands with Pet Nonprofits

At Logly, we recognize the incredible dedication it takes to run and manage a Non Profit Animal Care Organization. We want to help the amazing work done by shelters, rescues and others that care for and rehabilitate animals that have been let down by humans entrusted in their care. For far too long your tireless efforts have not been seen nor recognized by the masses, We want to change that, by increasing awareness of your Organization’s passion efforts. Our Logly Love Foundation mission is to make your efforts and the lives of the animals you care for better. Your 501(c)(3) Non Profit will have access to Logly’s platform and app, which allows you to manage, run and scale your organization at absolutely No cost.

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Logly Nonprofit Platform (Coming soon)

Logly is developing a cutting edge platform especially designed to help and assist our Nonprofit partners.  This platform will allow Logly members to Donate, Foster, Volunteer and Adopt right from the Logly app.

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Pet Community Engagement

Connect with other pet owners, pet businesses, and pet nonprofits in our thriving pet community. Share information, ask questions, and collaborate for the well-being of pets.

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