Pet Businesses

With Logly, building trust with potential clients has never been easier. Logly fuels your growth. Logly members will be able to connect with trusted local pet businesses that has a true love for pets. 

Dog walker enjoying with dogs while walking outdoors.

Pricing table

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Pet Owners & Pet Lovers



Essential features for pet owners

Upto to 5 Socially Connected Pet Profiles

Logly Lost Pet Amber Alert System

Additional profiles 5 for $10 monthly

Add pictures and Videos

Online Community to connect with businesses and Logly members

Document & Picture share

Add Team/Family Members

Profile Transfer

Appointment Reminders

QR code with Pet and Owner's info

Free Online E-learning courses

person holding gray tabby cat while lying on bed

Pet Business Plan



Everything from the Pet Owners plan +
Enhanced services for Pet Businesses

Unlimited Pet Profiles

Receive deposits and reminders when future deposits are due

Appointments and Calendar

Send information to pet's profile

Your Own Storefront in our Online Community

Client CRM system

selective focus photography of dog lying on ground

Pet Nonprofits

$0 Free with 501(c)


Everything the from other packages +
Comprehensive tools for pet Nonprofits

Nonprofit Member Platform, Logly Members helps your Nonprofit





Enhanced Pet Care Management

Streamline your pet care tasks with our app that allows you to easily schedule appointments, track medical records, and communicate with pet businesses and nonprofits. Stay organized and ensure your pets receive the best care possible.

white and gray cat

Interactive Pet Care Platform

Engage with pet owners, businesses and nonprofits through our innovative app that connects all players in the pet care industry. Streamline processes, offer personalized services, and build a thriving community.

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