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Welcome to Logly Technology, the state of the are pet care app for pet owners, pet lovers, pet businesses, and pet nonprofits. Our mission at Logly is to provide an innovative app-based system that unites pet owners in a socially connected community. Creating a free, socially connected pet profile on Logly is as simple as pie. This profile enables you to track your pets activities, appointments, and seamlessly store and share their health records.

With Logly, you have the power to keep your pet safe and healthy at your finger tips. It's time to revolutionize pet care with Logly. This isn't just another app, it's a movement, a community of pet lovers committed to ensuring the best for their furry friends. With a few simple taps, you can join us in becoming part of the change.

At Logly, we believe that every pet owner, pet lover, and pet nonprofit should have access to our state-of-the-art technology. For this reason, these groups will have access to Logly's App, newsletter, and online community for absolutely free. Let's make pet care better together. Join us in our mission to provide the best care for our furrybfriends. Your support can help us build a strong and caring community of pet owners. Become part of the Logly movement today.

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