Top 10 Features Every Pet Care App Should Have

Dec 05, 2023


With the increasing number of pet owners around the globe, the need for comprehensive pet care solutions is at an all-time high. Pet care apps have emerged as a popular choice for pet parents seeking convenient, on-the-go solutions for their furry friends. But what features make a pet care app truly stand out? Here are the top 10 features every pet care app should have to ensure they are offering the best service to both pets and their owners.  There is one Pet Care App that has them all that you are about to read about and more and its Free with Logly for Pet Owners.

1. Comprehensive Pet Profile

Every pet is unique, and their care should be too. A comprehensive pet profile feature allows owners to input all the necessary information about their pet, including breed, age, weight, health conditions, and dietary needs. This feature should be easy to update as the pet grows and changes.  Logly takes it a step further with all our great features and profiles for all types of pets.

2. Vet/ Pet Businesses Connect

Connecting with a vet or any other type of pet care business should be a seamless process. A pet care app should include a feature for scheduling appointments, conducting virtual consultations, and maintaining a record of previous visits and treatments. This ensures that all-important health information is at the pet owner's fingertips.

vet consultation

3. Reminders and Notifications

From vaccination reminders to feeding times, a pet care app should help owners keep track of all their pet's needs. This can be achieved through push notifications and calendar integrations, ensuring nothing important is missed.

4. Activity Tracking

Keeping pets active and healthy is a top priority for pet owners. An activity tracking feature can monitor pets' exercise and playtime, ensuring they are getting the right amount of physical activity each day. Logly takes this a step further given you the ability to add team/family members so that assignments can be shared and teach pet care with Logly.  

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5. Nutrition Guide

Feeding pets the right food in the right quantity is crucial for their health. A nutrition guide feature can provide personalized feeding recommendations based on the pet's profile, including breed, age, weight, and health conditions.

6. Training Resources

Training pets can be a challenge, especially for first-time owners. A pet care app should offer training resources, including tips, tricks, and video tutorials, to help owners train their pets effectively.  Logly gives you over 100 Free self paced courses to teach you all the skills need to be a great pet parent.

dog training

7. Social Features

Pet owners often love to share their pet's antics and milestones. A pet care app can facilitate this by incorporating social features, such as photo sharing, community forums, and pet-friendly event listings.

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8. Lost and Found

Unfortunately, pets can sometimes go missing. A pet care app should have a lost and found feature, which allows owners to post alerts and connect with a community of pet owners who can help locate the missing pet.  Logly introduces the World's first Peer to Peer Lost Pet Amber Alert System.  Logly memers will help get your lost pet back home fast and free. 

9. Pet Services Directory

From grooming services to pet-friendly restaurants, a directory of local pet services can be a valuable resource for pet owners. This feature should allow users to search for services based on location and service type.

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10. E-Commerce Integration

Finally, a pet care app should make it easy for owners to purchase pet supplies, food, and accessories. An integrated e-commerce platform can offer a wide range of products, with the convenience of home delivery.

In conclusion, a comprehensive pet care app should be more than just a digital tool. It should be a partner in pet care, helping owners provide the best possible care for their furry friends.

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